Inspired by a mutual respect for nature and the hand forged, we collaborated with Archie Rose and acclaimed tattoo artist Horisumi to bring you Archie Rose x Horisumi
  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction

The Brief

Archie Rose X Horisumi is a limited release gin series comprising of four bottles – a collaboration between Sydney-based Archie Rose Distilling Co. and acclaimed tattoo artist Horisumi, that celebrates the Japanese seasons.

The purpose of this series is to reinforce the distillery as innovators of craft gin through the spirit of collaboration. We’ve learnt that a sense of discovery drives the core demographic and Horisumi offers a glimpse into Japanese art and culture.


The first in the series – Autumn, tells the story of the Kiku flower and the autumn gift of the fallen maple leaf. Meanwhile, the strong Koi fish makes its way upstream to evolve into the form of a mystical dragon, all captured in Horisumi’s Irezumi tattoo style. Featuring distillates of red miso, sesame seed and sansho pepper


Horisumi poignantly captures the essence of japan’s cold winter months with a falcon perched on a pine tree branch and mount fuji as the backdrop. the ‘matsu’ or pine portrays longevity and masculinity while the ‘taka’, meaning falcon, was chosen for its proud stature and bold nature. Featuring distillates of genmaicha and sencha with kombu and fuji apples.


The falling petals of the cherry blossom or ‘Sakura’ dance in the wind, capturing the essence of a Japanese Spring. Here, Horisumi marries its beauty with the hare or ‘Usagi’: A symbol of fertility and a trusted talisman against bad luck. Featuring distillates of chrysanthemum, yuzu leaf and red shiso.


In Japan, the peony is known as the king of flowers and blooms in early summer representing good fortune and bravery. Here, Horisumi pairs it with the snake or ‘Hebi’: a creature that when seen in white is embraced as a good omen. Featuring distillates of mandarin, kumquat and peach.

Unlike most processes, where packaging is designed post liquid development, we worked in reverse; Together with Horisumi, we first interpreted the Japanese seasons through his art and then Archie Rose developed a gin that uses unique botanicals reflective of the transitional tones of the Japanese season.

In Japan, it’s disrespectful to reveal your tattoos in public, which is why people never tattoo their faces or hands. We respect this tradition through the Furoshiki wrap which tastefully conceals Horisumi’s art. In Japan, Furoshiki is commonly used to wrap parcels of food or gifts, which is quite fitting for this sharable and collectible gin series.