To celebrate the beauty, diversity and creativity of Australia’s leading cultural icon, Archie Rose Distilling Co. has collaborated with the Sydney Opera House to create a two-act gin release.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging
  • Photography & Video
  • Illustration

As Sydney-born designers, the brief to capture and respectively pay tribute to the Opera House through spirit packaging was a rare opportunity and an absolute thrill! As a retail product there needed to be a clear visual connection to the iconic Australian landmark, whilst delivering a fresh interpretation of the iconic sails, designed by Jørn Utzon. As a twin gin release, the bottles needed to not only perform as a striking pair but as stand alone products, delivering their own unique design moment.

Outside Gin

Inspired by the magnificent geometric curves and gleaming white tiles of the architectural wonder itself, as well as the sparkling harbour and clear blue skies that surround it. Expect a juniper forward gin accented with lemon-scented gum, South Australian yuzu, finger limes, white grapefruit, locally foraged seablite and native seaweed.

Inside Gin

A celebration of the exhilarating live performances that take place on the stages of the Sydney Opera House every night. It captures the dynamic and fluid movement of dancers, the colourful flashing lights of a concert in action, or the roar of an orchestral finale. This fruit-driven gin displays a bright character and presents a cast of botanicals including native thyme, Australian apricot, raspberry and strawberry gum.