Hand-pickled in the USA using the finest of brines, Frankie’s Fine Brine pickles are begging to hitch a ride on your burger or get cosy with your next cheese board.
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Purveyors of liquor soaked pickles and classic brines

Frankie’s signature liquor soaked pickles and classic brines are all natural, gluten free and vegan, and come in three lip-smackingly tasty flavours, sure to win over the pickiest of pickle eaters.

Named after Frankie Yale, the infamous 1920s bootlegger who is better known for smuggling Canadian booze into New York and lesser known for his appreciation of fine pickles – rumour has it that his brined beauties were a front for his liquor business.

Frankies is our latest product development co-venture with Cartel&Co. – We wanted to create a trustworthy product and brand with a difference. So we developed a unique pickle recipe using a gin-soaked brine and boy do they taste incredible! This provided us with the perfect opportunity to build on the story of Frankie Yale and his bootlegging business. From there, the brand name was born and Frankie’s personality began to take shape. The prohibition backstory was also the vehicle to deliver a nostalgic tone suitable for a premium pickle, crafted by hand.

Frankie’s Fine Brine pickles offer that big flavour and crunch you’d expect from a good pickle, so we matched it with a bold typographic led label design. The circular badge offers striking shelf standout and is a nod to the traditional pickling methods adopted.