Start with a team of naturopaths and herbalists with over 50 years combined experience in Australia’s leading natural products brands, a founder who also happens to be a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, and infuse with an earnest mission to rise above the sea of mediocrity in the vitamins and dietary supplements space.

Sound aspirational? That’s Ora Health.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • e-Commerce
  • Photography & Video
  • Art Direction

The Challenge

Create a wellness brand identity that acts more like a companion for people on their journey to be their best selves. To reach everyday people and inspire them to live in health and happiness, within themselves, with one another and in harmony with the planet.

But like everything with Ora Health, it’s all about balance—creating a brand style and comms to reflect Ora’s evidence-based doses and meticulous, TGA testing, and respect and embrace of practices from Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Western Herbal Medicine.

Skew too heavily on ‘crafted’ aesthetics and risk misrepresenting the health position of Ora. However, lean too hard on clinical proof points and there’s the possibility of alienating consumers who are looking for a more holistic solution.

Brand Idea and Concept

Integrity from top to bottom—it’s a more-than-worthy mission when it comes to creating a wellness brand. So when it came to branding Ora Health, it was crucial to build the right meaning into the name.

A name drawn from te reo Maori, referring to ‘ora’ as the state of living or being alive. A meaning put into action through Ora Health’s mission to support people to live in good health, happiness and balance.

You at the centre.

Ora is about putting YOU at the centre of its Eco-Sphere of Health—a support system of great products, educational content and access to experts and practitioners. We brought this ethos to life through the celestially-inspired brand mark: a dot point internally orbiting a golden ring.

When it comes to Ora, standing out on a shelf is less about hyperbolic hues that feel ‘braggy’ and more about expressing a calm confidence by using natural yet rich tones that support their position of honesty and ethics. Earthy tones are juxtaposed against light copper foiling and an earthy red tamper-evidence (functional) seal which offers premium cues, helps draw the eye and is a nod to traditional Chinese medicine.

The stakes are high for supplement brands (as they should be) with their website often providing the final trust point prior to making the decision to buy.

But, for us, it’s about more than that.

The question we asked was ‘If this was a person, what first impression would we like them to make?’

The answer is sensitive, balanced, trustworthy and respectful. The kind of person you turn to for advice and an empowering word or two about your health or that of your loved ones.

It helps if they happen to be easy on the eye too.

We used soft touches of warm and natural imagery that connects with the user at a personal level, paired with aspirational messaging and beautifully curated content.

I was grateful for the intention and attention that Squad Ink applied in working collaboratively with us to craft our brand identity and packaging—we can be (extremely) exacting in our standards and Squad Ink delivered what we believe is an intelligent, beautiful brand that has been extremely well received by our customers.
—Gabriel Perera, Founder Ora Health

The final result is a magnetic brand that reaches out with a natural confidence–acting as a trusted partner on an everyday person’s journey towards achieving life-transforming health and happiness.