Marrying a daring selection of native Australian aromatics with distinctive local wines, Regal Rogue stands at the front line of today’s vermouth renaissance.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Illustration

The Challenge

To create a new world vermouth brand that carries the prestige of a European vermouth but the proud swagger of a new to market, contemporary product. Our task was to create a confident brand worthy of shaking up the stagnant vermouth category with it’s unorthodox blend of native aromatics and it’s adventurous spirit.

The brand story is centred around a charismatic knight (The Rogue) whom roams the world with his cross-eyed owl companion in search of new discoveries. The knight’s courageous stance offers a bold and commanding presence on pack that draws you in for a closer look.

"The vermouth beverage category has remained stagnant for too long. So we turned to Squad Ink to revive it with a breathtaking brand.”

Mark Ward, Founder