Soak up pure refreshment with a next-level Aussie gin seltzer. Made for carefree days under golden rays. No sugar, no gluten, no worries.
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A next level quencher with no sugar and all sunshine.

Our challenge was to build an iconic Australian alcoholic seltzer brand, from the ground up, that cuts through the fast growing RTD category with a character-filled name, striking can design, creative content and e-commerce website. Sunny Eddy's unique ‘Aussie gin position’ allowed us to not only target existing RTD drinkers thirsty for a convenient drop that’s better for them but also attract gin lovers searching for a lighter, more refreshing alternative to G&T.

Being a sessionable summer staple born on Sydney’s northern beaches, we naturally gravitated to an Aussie nostalgic position with an effortlessly cool energy and vibrancy. This set us apart from the ultra minimal trendy-transient players as well as the mainstream stayers, that dominate the hard seltzer category.

It's all in the name

Our aim was to establish a familiar and memorable name that immediately set the tone for the brand, radiated positivity and embodied that relaxed, happy vibe that Aussie summer delivers – where good days roll into great nights. Sunny Eddy is that guy at the party that everyone wants to hang out with – just saying his name out aloud puts a smile on your dial.

Fun fact: An ‘eddy’ is a swirl of water.

In order to deliver a premium yet approachable position we needed to moderate the ‘fun-ness’ on pack. The character-filled name Sunny Eddy set the tone and then we began to build from there. We started with a white can and a silver sunburst for a hit of freshness, and then layered it up with pops of colour that bring the natural flavour of each product to life with mouth watering appeal and bold shelf stand out. The custom fruit stickers and swirling tasting notes allowed us to shine a light on the real fruit flavours and triple-distilled Aussie gin that will have you reaching for a Sunny Eddy over and over.

Happy days under golden rays.

For content, we wanted to bring the personality and positioning to life off pack in a uniquely aspirational way – Happy days under golden rays. By focussing on the feeling and the Sunny Eddy lifestyle rather than the product, we aimed to give the feeling of an authentic, social and session-able Aussie brand that has been around for years and will be for years to come – the always reliable, chilled-as esky mainstay.

“Squad Ink have managed to cut through a highly competitive market whilst creating a terrific brand that everyone is really getting behind. We're overwhelmed with the result and so far have had a 100% success rate with staff, retailers and customers. Working with the team at Squad Ink has been nothing short of amazing, and it is only through their skill, passion and knowledge of the beverage space that have achieved such a great result.”
– Tim Phillips, Founder