Soak up pure refreshment with a next-level Aussie gin seltzer.
No sugar, no gluten, no worries.
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The Challenge

With a wave of RTD (ready-to-drink) products of all shapes and sizes flowing into bottle shops, the retail shelf is looking like a pre-lockout, pre-lockdown nightclub where brands are all fighting for attention with zero distancing in sight.

With all this competition, just shouting ‘ZERO SUGAR! LOW ALCO! LOW CARBS!’ won’t really cut through anymore.

Our challenge was to create an iconic Aussie alco-seltzer brand from the ground up that sang (not shouted) to people looking for a sessionable seltzer with soul.

Our Response

A splash of classic Aussie beach nostalgia.

Born on Sydney’s northern beaches, we naturally gravitated to an Aussie nostalgic positioning with an effortlessly cool energy and vibrancy. This set us apart from the ultra minimal, trendy-transient players and mainstream stayers in the category.

Come up with a great name and an even better pick-up line.

Creating the name (and brand) was like dreaming up our ideal character. He had to be clever but not too complicated; cool but not austere; unique but not too ‘try hard’. And of course with great banter.

Enter Sunny Eddy.

He’s an easy-going swirl of water with a gin twist that seamlessly rolls off the tongue in a way that says, “hey there, take me home. I’m here for a good time AND a long time.”

He even doubles down on the chills with Happy Days, a tagline that encompasses Sunny Eddy’s easy-going, sessionable nature and establishes him as a lifestyle rather than a product.

Create a friendly face to go with it.

In a sea of ‘spiked seltzer’, ‘hard seltzer’ and ‘better for you’ ciders, squash, cocktails - the list goes on, we needed Sunny Eddy to buoyantly float to the top by feeling premium yet approachable.

So we started with a white can to help speak to the idea of fresh and clean drinking. Added rays of silver and a tight Gin Seltzer lock up to tie into the spirit of gin.

We took a measured approach to colour. Go too light, and we risk the product being washed out on the shelves; go too bold, and we start telling the consumer Sunny Eddy is too sugary. So we kept things real by utilising mature hues that spoke to the mouth-watering natural flavours of each product.

We opted for a mature yet vibrant colour way and fruit sticker icons that helped remind people there’s mouth-watering, natural ingredients in this tasty bev.

Finally, we finished it all off with a smiling golden sun acting as the brand mark, badge of quality and a reminder that - even in this wild world - a Sunny Eddy is good as gold.

Made for carefree days under golden rays.

Our approach for content was to bring the personality and positioning to life off pack in a uniquely aspirational way – carefree and Happy Days under golden rays.

By focussing on a feeling and the Sunny Eddy lifestyle rather than the product, we aimed to give the feeling of an authentic, social and session-able Aussie brand that has been around for years and will be for years to come – the always reliable, chilled-as esky mainstay.

We had a lot of fun exploring, creating and playing throughout the process that (we think) resulted in premium, polished content (without the cringe) that, above all, doesn’t take itself too seriously – connecting with Australian culture and blending in seamlessly with our customers’ lifestyles.

The Result

“Being one of the first gin seltzers to hit the market and an extremely tight deadline to boot, Squad Ink created not just a brand that successfully carved out a unique position in a highly competitive market, but a terrific brand that everyone is really getting behind. We are overwhelmed with the result and our expectations have well and truly been exceeded, as we have so far had a 100% success rate with staff, retailers and customers. Working with the team at Squad Ink has been nothing short of amazing, and it is only through their skill, passion and attention to detail that we have achieved such a great result.”

– Tim Phillips, Founder