The Grounds has completely redefined the venue experience with it’s theatre of food, coffee and garden oasis. Its spaces have evolved over the years but their mission remains unchanged: Create memorable experiences through the magic of beauty and wonder.
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Art Direction

Bringing The Grounds dream to life

Our relationship with the Grounds is very collaborative. We are constantly round-tabling creative ways to better engage the steady stream of wide-eyed visitors that pass through their gates daily. Whether it be branding new spaces, developing innovative packaging ideas or creating a rich venue experience, the guest radiates at the centre of it all.

Since settling into their new home, the farm animals of The Grounds have built up quite a following. Oinking, clucking and bleating their way into patrons hearts. This presented a unique opportunity for us to turn them into the proud mascots of The Grounds’ range of goodies.

The Grounds Coffee

Our job is to bring to life the vision of The Grounds, which is to delight and surprise its guests with new experiences. Now patrons can take a piece of that experience home with them to share with family and friends in the way of this nostalgic coffee range.

The Grounds Granola

We created a playful character-led packaging concept that champions The Grounds’ rowdy mascot, Rupert the Rooster. Near or far, this lighthearted packaging extends the wholesome values of The Grounds' experience right into your home.

The Venue Experience

Our job is to fulfil the vision of The Grounds, which is always to delight and surprise its guests with new and exciting experiences.

The Grounds are uncompromising in every aspect of their business. From interior design through to coffee and pastries, there is an immense attention to detail and commitment to the craft. Our design honours this with beautifully detailed packaging and signage that is rich with character.

‘It’s our little city. It’s where we create magic’

Ramzey Choker, Founder