Tramsheds by Mirvac is a feast for the senses, a place where flavours, culture, art, and ideas collide under the roof of the refurbished Rozelle Tram Depot. This hub of activity is a vibrant meeting place for the Inner West's blossoming community.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Onsite graphics
  • Illustration
  • Signage

Our challenge was to reinvigorate the Tramsheds brand and increase visitor traffic into the precinct. We accomplished this through an enlivened visual identity, placemaking and creative campaigns that pay tribute to the precinct's rich history but are very much rooted and inspired by the Inner West's food and art culture that is thriving today.

Campaigns that inspire a community

We worked closely with the Mirvac team and Tramsheds' artisans, chefs and producers to create seasonal campaigns that inspire the local community and beyond to visit and share their experiences via social. Each creative campaign adopts a unique visual theme that excites and ignites curiosity about the imaginative food, beverage and cultural experiences that await them.

The Squad Ink Impact

In collobaoration with digital partner VANDAL we designed campaign creative for an augmented reality experience to discover Tramsheds’ colourful history as a place of inspiration for creative minds and artistic expression. #TramshedsUncovered

Relive the Art

Use Augmented Reality and bring to life the art that used to adorn the Tramsheds walls.

Discover a new twist at every turn

Scan AR vendor codes to learn about the incredible chefs, menus and food at Tramsheds.

"Squad Ink have reinvigorated the Tramsheds brand, bringing valuable creative thinking and innovative design to the precinct. It’s a terrific partnership and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Fiona Fong, Space Manager (Tramsheds – Mirvac)