Tummify believes in performance over compromise. Every ingredient in Tummify is natural, from the organic fresh milk base, to nature’s probiotic kefir – This natural probiotic shot gives you everything your tummy needs and nothing it doesn’t.
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Your daily probiotic shot

Put simply, Tummify is a probiotic shot that adopts the convenience and much-loved format of Yakult yet packed with far superior ingredients. Capturing 'wholesomeness' was incredibly important for Tummify in order to win over probiotic capsule loyalists. The use of organic whole milk was a key differentiator so we draw from dairy packaging visual cues to aid in it's alignment with the category. You'll notice the gold foil top on the single serve bottle, the use of blue (synonymous with premium diary) and the flowing wave of opaque creamy white goodness that radiates freshness on the outer shrink wrap. These are all subtle design cues we've purposely adopted to instil 'wholesomeness' in the eyes of the consumer.