Yaru is a water brand with a social conscious. It tells an important cultural story whilst creating better health outcomes for Indigenous communities via the Yaru Foundation.
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging

More than water

Over the past year, we've had the exciting opportunity to refresh Yaru and pave the way for their next wave of growth.

By purchasing a bottle and supporting the Yaru Foundation, you are directly contributing towards projects that transform lives right here in Australia. Yaru is a proud change-maker. Their ambition is to inspire the procurement landscape, encourage similar business models that create positive social change and bring Indigenous culture to the forefront of Australia.

We evolved the existing Indigenous art inspired graphic to represent the water that flows deep below the foothills of an ancient volcano. Mount Warning-Wollumbin rises out of the rainforest in the heart of Bundjalung country in Northern New South Wales. This has created a precious underground water source, filtered by layers of ancient volcanic rock (Yaru means Rock in Bundjalung).

“The Yaru brand is not just a product, it’s a social enterprise that tells an important story, and Squad Ink were able to evolve our packaging with sensitivity and creative ingenuity. We’re very excited about our next stage of business growth.”

Tessa and Shaun Martin, Yaru Founders